Different scooters and how to recover them

We have recently seen a steady stream of impressive-looking electric scooter ads, each with a wide range of innovative features and touches of luxury. But one thing they all seem to have in common is the shock of the stickers they leave you.

What is a scooter

Every scooter shares a common ancestor: the first Vespa produced by Enrico Piaggio in 1946. This two-wheeled vehicle is still the mold of all scooters. Thus, features such as lightness, range, maneuverability, and mechanical simplicity are essential in these models. This two-wheeled machine always has its engine in the rear area, allowing the driver’s posture to be the same as when sitting in a chair. The chassis is the simplest and, in many cases, it is the same body of the vehicle that serves it. This is coupled with the lack of gearshift, although there are some models that have, is not usual, and some engines in which power is right and necessary to move freely through urban spaces.

The Flow scooters???

The Flow electric scooter uses a 2.1 kW Bosch rear wheel hub motor to reach a top speed of 60 km / h and a range of 50 or 100 miles (80 or 160 km) with a single or dual battery. . The stream is recharged from a standard electrical outlet in 4-5 hours, and has the ability to charge quickly, which would fill an empty battery to 70% in an hour. Regenerative braking is also included, which can increase the range up to 6%.

Flow’s important specifications are all respectable and its range looks promising for an urban commuter, but nothing here is extraordinary. And that’s the point.

Flow is a pretty simple scooter with decent specifications that is supposed to be functional and affordable. It is designed for an Indian market where scooters and motorbikes are already common, if not dominant, in crowded city streets. By opting for a clean and simple design and passing on the low costs of production to the consumer, 22Motors has developed a solid electric scooter at an affordable price for the general public.

The different cases of scooter recovery

Almost all scooters have an automatic transmission system, this is one of its attractions, especially because of the ease of use in the city where we will only have to worry about giving gas to the exit traffic lights and stop us at the next arrival. If this system works well or you find it destroyed because of such a way of use, the recovery of your scooter becomes an emergency.

If you have decided to change your scooter, which becomes obsolete, accidental, or has a breakdown that costs a fairly high amount of money, you may have to resort to a scooter belly sale option. A little research on the internet allows you to get an idea about the scooter and motorcycle dealership and allow you to choose the best price for you.

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